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About Magdalena Fjällström


Name: Magdalena ”Monne” Fjällström
Born: 12 January 1995
Live: Tärnaby
Ski Club: Tärna IK Fjällvinden
Hobbies: Snowmobile, Traveling, Friends

My Journey

As a three year old, I went skiing for the first time and the following season I participated in my first race. With Anja Parson as a neighbor and biggest idol was it no doubt that I wanted to be the best in the world like her. As a youth I learned quickly that I loved winning and hated to loose.
The season 09/10 I raced my first international race, the Trofeo Topolino where I came in second after Mikaela Shiffrin. Two years later it was time for the Youth Olympic Games in Innsbruck and this time I was not satisfied with silver, so I went home with a gold medal in my bag. Youth Olympic Games was a fantastic event and inspired me a lot.
The following season, 12/13 became a great year for me when I debuted in the World Cup, won my first European Cup and won the Junior World Championships in slalom.
Last year I also took gold in the Junior World Championships, but this time in team.  I took silver in the Swedish Championships and was top 30 in the World Cup four times with a 13th place as the best.

During the preparations for the season 14/15 I injured my knee, which resulted in a season where I now have to follow the World Cup on TV. I'm incredibly excited about the next season, and my goal to be the best in the world, it remains!


2nd place Trofeo Topolino 2010 (slalom)
1st place Youth Olympic Games 2012 (super combination)
1st place European Cup Vemdalen 2012 (slalom)
1st place Junior World Championship 2013 (slalom)
1st place European Cup Bad Wiesse 2014 (slalom)
2nd place Swedish Championships 2014 (giant slalom)
4 times top 30 in World Cup 2014 (slalom)





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Photos of Magdalena

Tärna IK Fjällvinden
Västra Strandvägen 1, 920 64 Tärnaby